Tuesday, April 26, 2016


As the sun burnt down in flames
The sky went dark with ashes shining
My soul wandered for a story
And with hushed steps and a warning
I was sucked into her nightmare

Strong and bold at first she was
Armour of glittering eyes and cheeks of autumn
The red wind carried the spirits
Pushing her to corners of the circle life
The red sang and howled
She danced and ran

Kissing her with their ideas
Swallowing her in thoughts
Drinking the happiness out of her
Left hungry only with her worries
Tortured with the sound of laughter
 She cried in a treacherous world

With the morning gone was any trace
Hiding everything beneath her smile
Pretending it to be a blissful day dream
In her terrorising reality.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


As I pick you in arms,
The smell of yours touches me,
Your texture so delicate,
You stay for hours with me,
Too captivated by you,
Putting you down is intense for me,
I knew your name in the beginning,
But now you spend days and nights with me,
I slipped in your world fearlessly,
Now your world is a part of me,
You showed me your scarred soul,
And your story remains forever with me,
What I experienced with you,
Is a spell I crave within me,
As I put down you carefully,
It feels as though I lost a part of me,
Even though I pick others,
You're never offended by me,
As I share you with others,
They become you and me.

Come Back.

We were the leaves of the same tree,
We fell we flew we sung together,
But the wind flew you alone one day,
Watched the colours of flame rise and fall,
Counting days for your comeback,
The world was endless so was the hope,
Long afternoons the way we sat,
Said nothing but spoke a lot,
Saw the greens bloom and shine,
With their passion till they died,
Heard the sky cry with me,
Stranded  here with a cling of hope,
Too afraid to let the hands go,
For your search.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Beginning.

Is the clock ticking,
Or do I feel so,
Everything now seems to be tranquil,
I hear my heart beat to the ticking,
All I know is that,
My fingers are fighting to come out,
Something within me feels alive now,
I want to come out,
And look into her eyes,
But the love holds me back,
I don't know,
If I'm going to have it later,
I can feel the love and warmth for me,
Given her who takes care of me,
I was just a  piece,
Growing for months,
Who strokes her hand affection,
Come right into me,
Even after a barrier within us,
I wander in black for days,
Listening to songs she sings,
The words she says,
Imprint in my mind,
Her voice helps me grow,
The belonging of me,
Makes me happy,
I suddenly feel the,
Cold air hitting me,
The love I grew in,
Feels empty now,
I listen to  my cries,
And tears run down,
I'm out now looking around,
Searching the eyes to pacify,
Someone takes in,
The emptiness starts fill in,
Catching her eyes with pain,
Who gave me birth.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Remember the Time.

I remember the last time,
I was here,all excited and nervous,
As that was the first time,
I was ever going to be awarded for my writing,
For all I ever wanted was just moments of honour.

I remember the first time,
Picking the pen to lead my thoughts,
To a new dimension of mine,
Sometimes they lead with glee,
 But at times they didn't turn into words,
Difficult to understand what these thoughts meant.

I still remember the first time,
I ever went on a stage,
To accept my glory,honour,
My fingers reaching out to hold,
Back then I thought it out of my reach,
But then it was never,I am giving my thank.

I remember that time,
When we say together,
Talking about our beautifully crafted future,
Oh! Brother you said you,
You wanted a day under your name,
But that big is what I didn't want.

I know this is my last time,
For me to receive my award,
This is what I always dreaded,
The era of mine now comes to an end,
All of these feelings are overwhelming,
This is the last time I put them in words,
The last time.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Together with each other

Oh dear I wait ,
Standing here under ,
This tense moonlight,
For the chance I have been,
Waiting for all this time,
The chance to apologise,
For all our unsettling things,
But I guess it was too late,
Cause you never came for it ,
But I am never going to let it go,
I still remember the days,
We were together,
Smiling with each other,
Where we used to wait,
When the sun used to reach out,
With his arms full of warm ness,
And I still wish we were together,
So that we could make new memories with each other.

Once upon a time .

Once upon a time,
I waited for my turn,
To have a talk with you,
Because the last time we had,
You were mine forever,
But that's now long gone,
Where I had hoped that,
You would have forgiven me,
That Tuesday night,
Holding each other's hand,
But now I know it was good,
That you had never forgiven me,
Because I had never deserved it,
It was you who had let,
Others down only for yourself,
Only for your good,
I had never thought we,
Would end up like this,
Because I felt so lonely,
When you rejected it,
But I guess I like it this way,
Or otherwise we would be scared,
Just because of you and make,
Me feel guilty all throughout our lives,